December 2017 Prod Dev Update

By Jen Bernhardt posted 01-17-2018 11:53 AM


New Features

  • Proof of Syndication (Final Release)
    We are now capturing and recording screenshots of jobs being posted on some of the syndicated partner sites.  Reporting for this tool via a member user interface is not available but is in development with no scheduled release date.



  • Dashboard (Unreleased)
    Touch events added to mobile interface
  • Analytics
    Updated Column Names on job owner syndication to be more descriptive.
  • System Monitoring
    We switched from New Relic to Data Dog for system uptime monitoring. This provides the same level of monitoring at a substantial cost savings.
  • UI
    We upgraded our UI layer to React 16

Bug Fixes

  • Location parser on microsite search was failing when combining more complex search parameters
  • Keyword search on PRM-Non User Outreach was failing
  • Entering a new partner in PRM was causing the form to redirect to the home page
  • Company access request page had broken margins
  • The mobile profile page user name was overlapping elements in mobile