Evaluating Personnel Processes, Including Online Systems

When:  Mar 27, 2019 from 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM (ET)
OFCCP recently announced it would conduct focused reviews of federal contractors’ Section 503 compliance during its Fiscal Year 2019 scheduling cycle. The agency also checks Section 503 compliance in every current compliance review. In a series of webinars, Berkshire compliance experts will help contractors prepare for this new type of compliance review.

About this webinar:
On March 27, Rachel Rubino, Senior Consultant and Audit Advisor at Berkshire Associates will discuss the requirement to routinely evaluate personnel processes and online systems to ensure that equal opportunities are provided to all applicants and employees, regardless of their disability status. Contractors will learn steps they can take to satisfy the requirement, including best practices for documenting evaluations. Rachel will also discuss questions the OFCCP may ask about this and provide guidance on how to respond to these requests.

After registering for this webinar, please visit the following link to see other topics in this series: https://www.berkshireassociates.com/section-503-series