NELI Affirmative Action Conference - Autumn Webinar Series - 2019

When:  Oct 10, 2019 from 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM (ET)

*Prior participants with NELI, as well as all DirectEmployers Members, are entitled to a 10%-25% discount. Simply email us to find out your discount status at and mention your discount when registering.

We have now scheduled the 37th Annual Affirmative Action Conference on October 8th and 10th, 2019 - this year we’ll be presenting the Conference in four two-hour Webinars over two days with several dynamic speakers sharing their knowledge in this complex area. We have changed the format in response to the many comments made by our veteran attendees, eliminating out-of-pocket travel expenses and providing full access to all who are interested because each session will be available as a “rebroadcast” to view at your convenience.

John C. Fox, Esq., Fox, Wang & Morgan, P.C., and Candee Chambers, DirectEmployers Association, will Co-Chair the Conference, which will be interactive with faculty actively monitoring all submitted questions so they can interject at the appropriate discussion times.

  • Part 1 - On the morning of Tuesday, October 8, OFCCP Director Craig Leen will lead this session by discussing Recent OFCCP Developments. In an interactive dialogue with Candee and John, Craig will discuss the major developments at OFCCP taking shape via his four "initiatives:"
    1. Transparency
    2. Certainty
    3. Efficiency
    4. Recognition

  • Part 2 - On the afternoon of Tuesday, October 8, Ken Bello, Esq., will lead a discussion of the OFCCP v. Analogic Corp. case decision which he successfully defended against OFCCP. Ken will discuss compensation law and how the Analogic decision has caused OFCCP to reform its investigation nationwide of federal government contractor compensation practices and systems. Among other things, Ken will discuss:
    1. The need to have all the major factors which affect compensation “digitized” to allow a computer to “read” the data and to thus allow for legally acceptable regression analyses;
    2. The status of contractor access to OFCCP’s “anecdotal” evidence of pay discrimination during audits after the Analogic decision; and
    3. How to determine who are “similarly situated” employees for purposes of discrimination law analyses.

  • Part 3 - On the morning of Thursday, October 10, David Fram, Esq., NELI's ADA Director, will discuss Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act - Developments on Reasonable Accommodation, OFCCP Section 503 Focused Reviews, and other disability law compliance requirements for federal government contractors.

  • Part 4 - On the afternoon of Thursday, October 10, Candee and John will conclude the Conference with a discussion of OFCCP “HOT TOPICS,” including:
    1. Changing audit selection methodologies;
    2. Proper defense of failure-to-hire investigations;
    3. The use of “non-binary” reporting systems for gender;
    4. What contractors must and should do when OFCCP receives FOIA requests for a contractor’s documents, including compensation data;
    5. OFCCP’s evolving use of Pre-Determination Notices now trumping and diminishing the importance of Notices of Violation and Show Cause Notices; and
    6. Discussion of the provocative and unexpected Answers to 25 Survey Questions asked of the National Industrial Liaison Group annual conference attendees in Milwaukee in July and what it means for the future of OFCCP’s development of its discrimination law investigations and audit techniques.

    The 2019 Conference will provide 8 hours of CLE/PDC/CPE credited content over the two-day period with breaks in between sessions to allow you to keep up with your other work, absorb the new material, and compose questions. All four sessions in the Conference will be interactive with the audience.


    You participate in the entire Conference from your office using your computer and your log-in code. This Conference will run for four (4) two (2) hour sessions over two days with an opportunity to submit questions via the webcast platform throughout the program. Plus, for one fee, you can have as many people participate as you can fit around your computer, but only those registered with NELI will receive an attendance certificate. Other participants may receive credit for an additional $249.00 fee. Each additional listener must register as a "group member" before the program to receive credit. Please email us for more information.


    About 2 days prior to the Conference, you will receive an email from us with log-in instructions. If you do not receive the email within one (1) day of the program, please contact NELI.


    NELI's programs are routinely approved for credit in all jurisdictions with such requirements and we expect this program to receive full accreditation provided that the jurisdiction approves webinars. Registrants may be required to file for credit on their own behalf in some jurisdictions. We will provide all necessary forms and proof of attendance. Credit will be given to registered participants only. For groups with individuals seeking accreditation, we offer a $249.00 registration fee per additional listener after the initial $749.00 registration. Each additional listener must register as a "group member" before the program to receive credit. Each member seeking credit will be sent an affidavit of attendance. Please email us for more information.


    Before the Conference commences, NELI will send a link to all participants of the Power Points and/or written material provided by our presenters so that a hard copy may be printed in advance if desired.

    Registration Fee: $749.00 for all Sessions and unlimited access to the Rebroadcast.