DE Membership 101: Partnership Relationship Manager (PRM)

When:  Aug 16, 2018 from 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM (ET)
Outreach is essential when looking to comply with your obligations as a federal contractor, plain and simple, and a part of complying with those obligations depends on being able to show positive recruitment efforts have been made to the veteran, disability and diversity communities. One simple, yet effective, manner used to track your outreach efforts is through DirectEmployers Partner Relationship Manager (PRM)–a web-based tool that empowers users with the ability to track, record and report on all outreach conducted.

During this webinar Jen Bernhardt, Director of Member Engagement and Ashley Herman, Senior Employee Relations Consultant at Oneok, will provide a brief overview of PRM and how Oneok has seen continued success in streamlining their outreach documentation efforts. Ashley will share insight into how disorganized data can become and how information can get shuffled around and lost in spreadsheet or paper format–removing your ability to show you’ve conducted necessary outreach if challenged. While discussing the tool overall, Ashley will dive into the implementation process and customization you can do to really make the tool work for you, like Oneok has. From simple assessments to tag creation and official training opportunities for the whole team, you’ll be up and running before you know it!

Take 30-minutes to learn how PRM has helped Oneok and countless Members centralize their outreach documentation and eased fears of not being able to provide the necessary reporting needed during a compliance evaluation. Join us to learn why now is the perfect time to dive in and start your documentation process in this short overview.

Hosted by:

Jen Bernhardt
Director of Member Engagement, DirectEmployers Association

Ashley Herman
Senior Employee Relations Consultant, Oneok