DE Masterclass Employment Law Roundtable | How To Properly Prepare For and Defend an OFCCP Audit

When:  Jul 18, 2024 from 02:00 PM to 03:30 PM (ET)
DirectEmployers Executive Director Candee Chambers will lead this special 90-minute DE Masterclass Roundtable discussing the practical issues surrounding How To Properly Prepare For and Defend an OFCCP Audit. This Masterclass Panel will track through the chronological birth order of how an audit is born, progresses, and is defended through its life cycle to conclusion.
Candee will be joined by the “Dynamic Duo” of DirectEmployers Members Dana Deason of J.B. Hunt Transport and current President of DE’s Board of Directors, and Chris Liakos of EY and past President of DE’s Board of Directors. Both Dana and Chris are survivors of (too) many OFCCP audits and will draw on an excessive wealth of practical experience from their recent OFCCP audits.
John C. Fox, Esq., Partner, Fox, Wang & Morgan P.C. will also join the panel to frame the (largely forgotten) legal requirements defining and limiting OFCCP audits while relating his recent experiences successfully working contractors out of difficult audit situations.
During this Masterclass, our panelists will share their perspectives on at least the following issues:
  • Why reacting to the OFCCP’s Corporate Scheduling Announcement List (“CSAL”) notification of coming audits should be like a 100-meter Olympic sprinter exploding out of the starting blocks at the crack of the starting gun.
  • How OFCCP has changed the rules of engagement since it first began CSAL notifications.
  • What to do after the CSAL specifically to prepare to receive OFCCP’s coming Audit Scheduling Letter.
  • How should a company respond to OFCCP’s Audit Scheduling Letter if the company believes either that OFCCP selected it in error, or in violation of its Fourth Amendment Rights?
  • The “Pros and Cons” of the contractor refining its data submissions to OFCCP in response to its Audit Scheduling Letter and attached “Itemized Listing”. Actually, is there a “Con”?
  • What does OFCCP mean by an “Indicator” it finds from time to time in audits and why is it important?
  • What are the “Pros and Cons” of a Contractor “chewing the OFCCP’s food” for it and explaining away in advance all the “Indicators”?
  • What are the three “Money Issues” in OFCCP Audits?
  • Why the three formal and distinct stages of OFCCP Compliance Reviews remain important to Contractors.
  • Interactive Questions and Answers between and among participants to the meeting and with the panel.