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Mentorship Program FAQ

Who is eligible for the DirectEmployers Mentorship Program?

All Members of DirectEmployers, whether industry veteran or a newbie, are eligible to participate for no additional fee.

What are the benefits of becoming a mentor or mentee?

For mentors, this program is an opportunity to give back, become better leaders, refine your communication skills, expand your network AND provide a warm welcome to new Members or those who need some guidance along the way.

For mentees, this is a phenomenal way to connect with a senior HR professional who can offer insight, advice, and the personal development needed to navigate your way through the next stage of your career.

What is the time commitment?

Each mentorship will run for a 10-month cycle and help strengthen professional and personal development for both the mentor and mentee. Throughout the program, there will be a few objectives that must be completed to move forward in the process and ensure that the experience is valuable for both participants.

How will mentors and mentees be matched?

To best match mentors and mentees, individuals will complete an initial assessment form that provides information focused on areas such as: 

  • Industry
  • Area Expertise
  • Areas of Interest
  • Location (if seeking a mentor/mentee you can meet in-person)
  • Company size
  • Personality

What is DirectEmployers’ role during the program?

DirectEmployers will conduct the initial assessment survey and set up the kick-off call between the mentor and mentee. We will continue to check-in at various points throughout the program to gain feedback of it’s success. Mentors and mentees will have the autonomy to meet based on the frequency and times that work best for their schedules.

How do I get involved?

If you’d like to participate as either a mentor or mentee in the program, please complete the Mentorship Program Assessment survey so we can match you with a peer and get started!

Proper authentication is required before viewing the Mentorship Evaluation link.

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Mentor Expectations

For 10 months, the mentor will guide the mentee in better understanding their membership with DE, and make themselves available for additional assistance and guidance for professional and personal development.

The role of the mentor:

  • Guide mentee through the 10-month program
  • Be on initial discovery/overview call with new or current Member
    • Determine communication preference
    • Set parameters for how frequently to connect
    • Be a resource and guide to peers
    • Participate in pre-scheduled mentor calls
    • Complete surveys and program milestones

Mentee Expectations

Once you are matched with a mentor, this individual will work with the Member Engagement Team to coach you through your membership, and be a knowledgeable resource in the world of compliance and/or recruitment.

The role of the mentee:

  • Participate in the program for 10 months, using your mentor as your guide
  • Determine your needs for the next 10 months, including:
    • Preferred communication avenue
    • Determine the support level needed from the Member Engagement Team and mentor
    • Participate in the pre-scheduled mentee calls
    • Complete surveys and program milestones