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By Jaime Costilow posted 02-06-2020 10:19 AM


Analytics are invaluable to numerous departments and serve as the basis of many decisions made from the C-suite down. For the average human resources team, data provides crucial insight and cues that help with everything from compliance to recruitment. Going a step further, Members of DirectEmployers use our analytics to measure job performance throughout our syndication network to gain a full circle view of the reach of their jobs and analyze outreach efforts. Knowing the importance of metrics and data points, our Product Development team has continued to utilize Member feedback to renew and refresh our Analytics interface to provide a straight-forward approach to understanding and analyzing the data you need, while hiding data points that are not as relevant for your reports. Let’s dig into some of the problems you may have experienced in the past, and what improvements have been made to solve them. Analytics main screen featuring filters and reporting options. 

In 2019, our Product Development team announced that it was making significant upgrades to the Analytics application housed in, with these improvements based heavily on Member feedback. Fast forward to 2020, and our team has spent countless hours reaching out to Members to learn about their pain points and has used that feedback to improve the overall user experience in Analytics.

Pain Point: Analytics Functionality & Metric Flexibility Analytics | Displaying ability to show and/or hide filters based upon reporting needs.

The first pain point that was addressed was the functionality of the interface. Upon entering the platform, users are now presented with a sleek design that shows a simple-to-use filter system that allows employers to pare down the data points by showing and/or hiding table columns that are relevant to their specific reporting needs by simply clicking on the blue eye icon to the right of each filter. Users also have the ability to input multiple data points per filter and can easily remove or modify search requirements to each field as-needed. Once the results populate, users have the ability to access job data for specific requisition ID(s).

Pain Point: Saved Reports & Filter Parameters

Another significant challenge expressed by Members was the lack of any saved reporting functionality. For example, Members were tasked with generating the same reports month after month, but lacked the ability to save any pre-determined reporting parameters. Users now have the ability to save the reporting filters (or search queries) so custom settings are automatically stored and reports can easily be generated by simply updating the date range in your search parameters. For example:


Step 1: Apply the filters and select columns you would like to show or hide for your custom report. Analytics | Initial filter selection process


Step 2: Click ‘Save’ and name the report. Analytics | Save filter settings interface


Step 3: View any saved reports under ‘Saved Filters’ in the left-hand column. Analytics | Saved filter display interface

Pain Point: Bulk Requisition ID Analytics | Bulk requisition ID reporting features

Finally, Members expressed the cumbersome process of reporting on a large number of requisition IDs within one report. With limited reporting capabilities, users would spend much of their time copying and pasting requisition IDs into the platform to generate report after report. Armed with Member feedback, the Product Development team created the ability to select multiple requisition IDs and generate one simple, clean report–gifting users time back in their day!

Continuous feedback and communication with our Members are what allow us to not only improve upon our current tools, but also develop new tools and processes to make your jobs less chaotic. Throughout the year, we’ll continue to share information on updates that impact your user experience, and in turn, hope you can take a moment to provide feedback on additional needs and features you’d like to see. Have a comment or idea for our Product Development team? Feel free to share them with any DE staffer, or use the bright idea form.