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Aptly named, the Federal Contractor Corner contains all resources needed by federal contractors. Everything from OFCCP compliance forms to resources from the Department of Labor and archived webinars can be found here—compiled in one area for easy access.

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    *Slides, recording, and Q&A document from webinar hosted on Thursday, January 17, 2019 If you need closed captioning, please view the recording at the following link: OFCCP has again very recently changed its definition of who is an “Applicant”, in plain sight and with no fanfare, and very few have noticed.  While the flip-flop from Obama to Trump Administrations continues, OFCCP has now migrated the definition back closer, but not yet completely, to Title VII’s definition. ...

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    *Webinar hosted Wednesday, January 16, 2019 VP of Member Engagement, Jen Bernhardt, and Vice President of Business Development at Sourcecast , Lilly Jamshidi, discuss the latest VETcentral Direct enhancements. Register to find out how in just three easy steps, DirectEmployers Members can create a direct path to engaging with local talent sources at individual one-stop employment centers, and turn job listings into more veteran hires! If you need closed captioning, please watch the recording ...

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    Did you receive a Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letter (CSAL)? You’re not alone! In fact, over 1,000 notices were sent to various government contractors this year alone. But never fear, our OFCCP compliance experts are here to explain what exactly a CSAL means for your organization and share the do’s and don’t’s of preparing for an audit. Join our Executive Director, Candee Chambers, and Director of Member Engagement, Jen Bernhardt, for a brief overview of the steps that should be taken in advance ...

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    Presentation slides and recording of webinar hosted by Colin Seal, Public Affairs Manager of Grifols, on Wednesday, November 7, 2018. #recruitmentwebinar #webinarsandpresentations