Don't Leave Talent on the Table: How to Diversify Your Workforce Through Registered Apprenticeship

When:  Nov 29, 2022 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)
Companies that aren’t recruiting, building, and supporting diverse workforces are falling behind. Especially now, at a time when talent is at a premium.

You’ve no doubt read articles that say diversifying your workforce expands your access to people with a broad range of skills and a broad range of viewpoints and ideas. But how do you put those ideas into practice and position your company to recruit and retain people from a wide range of backgrounds? And how do you ensure that you can find candidates with the skills you need when you start recruiting outside of your tried-and-true talent pipelines?

Innovative organizations of all sizes and industries are applying modern apprenticeships to fulfill their needs for dynamic workforces that can quickly adapt to the latest trends, technologies, and customer demands. From IT and health care, building trades to finance, cybersecurity and human resources, apprenticeships are a growing training approach in today’s most in-demand occupations and industries.

This event will be of particular value to business owners, executives, heads of diversity and equity offices, HR professionals, hiring managers, and apprenticeship sponsors. Whether your business is large or small, union or non-union, has an apprenticeship or is just thinking about one, you’ll find helpful solutions to drive DEIA within your workforce.