DE Masterclass Employment Law Roundtable | The Gig Economy: Embracing the Legal Requirements for Use

When:  Feb 16, 2023 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)
As the use of Independent Contractors (ICs) increases in the United States, this panel will discuss the four primary types of workers state and federal employment laws define for U.S. employers. We will also trace the rise, use, and evolution of ICs through history, beginning with the classic example of a wagon-wheel builder and leading up to the now varied and imaginative uses of ICs fueling the buoyant and growing "Gig Economy" in the United States (now representing 25% of all workers). The panel's review of the historical rise, fall, and return to the use of ICs will reveal why the modern uses of ICs are putting pressure on employment laws throughout the nation.

Panelists will also discuss organized labor's growing resistance to the use of ICs and the legal hurdles traditionally "blue states" are increasingly installing (i.e., the "ABC" test) to slow and (they hope) to stop the widespread use of ICs, as well as the important background to the changes the U.S. DOL Wage and Hour Division's coming new rules and restrictions on the use of ICs will impose on employers. The panel will also discuss best practices to create any needed "transition teams" to convert ICs to employees as state and federal laws "move the goalposts" of the law under the very feet of HR managers across the country.