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20210602 | The Job Syndication Situation: How DE Partnerships Drive Your Jobs' Reach & Visibility

*If you need closed captioning, please view the recording here . When it comes to expanding your reach and getting visibility for your open jobs, you’re often convinced there’s a secret ingredient to it all – but really, it all comes down to our technology and the solid relationship...

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20200421 | The DE Difference: Going Beyond “Posting Jobs” & Checking the Compliance Box

*If you need closed captioning, please view the recording here . As HR professionals, how many times have you heard that to be in compliance, all you need to do is “post” your jobs? Post here, post there, post everywhere–and you’re golden! While in theory that sounds like it would work, the...

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Membership | The DE Difference

Comprised of over 900 top employers around the country, we strive to put Members' needs first and foremost. We are not driven by making a profit or simply "checking the box." Learn about our many solutions included with membership. #InfoCard #OFCCPComplianceSolution ...

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Membership | Advantages

Membership has its advantages. Learn about our comprehensive suite of products and services—all designed for employers, by employers. #community #jobdistribution #NASWA #OFCCPComplianceSolution #PRM #VetReporting #DiversityPartnerships #ofccpresource #recruitmentresource #InfoCard