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20200910 | Infusing Creative "Curb Appeal": Overcoming Obstacles to Forge a New Path to the Frontdoor 

09-10-2020 03:42 PM

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The greatest curb appeal ideas are designed to do one thing: entice prospective buyers to look inside and take a “virtual tour” of the property. What is curb appeal, if not another form of marketing to create that initial spark of interest. The same applies to the career site experience. To make a lasting impression and persuade a candidate to dive in, take a more in-depth look at your company, and apply for jobs, you need that instant curb appeal.

For Frontdoor, they had all the elements in place for success, but lacked the employment branding to attract candidates. Learn how this organization overcame obstacles to simplify its application process and in-fuse the authentic, energetic culture of Frontdoor into their career site. From a first-person “day in the life” recruitment video to the inviting office environment, Frontdoor was able to capture the essence of their culture and branding and brought new life to their career site–adding instant curb appeal!

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