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20211007 | The Pros and Cons of Complying with Either or Both of OFCCP's AAP Verification "Requests" of Federal Government Contractors 

10-08-2021 08:51 AM

*For closed captioning, please view the recording here. If you need HRCI and/or SHRM credits after viewing this recording, please email to request the corresponding program IDs.

As each contractor prepares to decide what to do in response to OFCCP’s recently announced two AAP Verification Initiatives, John Fox will first explain how it is that both of OFCCP’s initiatives lack legal authority and are unenforceable. In this 60-minute webinar, Candee Chambers will then describe the practical options contractors have to comply or to comply in part, and the pros and cons as to each. Candee will also discuss the critical importance to contractors which wish to comply on the date OFCCP eventually requests contractors to certify each of their AAPs. She will also identify the one benefit OFCCP’s coming electronic portal “mailbox” offers contractors. John will then discuss what happens if a contractor chooses not to comply with one or both of OFCCP’s initiatives. A discussion of the unfolding timeline for OFCCP’s coming deployment of both initiatives will follow.

Throughout the webinar, John and Candee will also conduct anonymous and confidential polling of attendees on various questions relating to both initiatives, including whether your company intends to comply with one or both of OFCCP’s “AAP Verification initiatives,” as well as your concerns regarding security of OFCCP’s portal where they propose to collect your AAPs. Candee and John will close out the webinar with Questions and Answers and will also share the answers to the polling questions posed throughout the webinar.

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