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20230727 | DE Masterclass Employment Law Roundtable: Compliance to Recruitment 

07-27-2023 03:13 PM

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Candee Chambers, Executive Director of DirectEmployers Association and the CEO of its Recruit Rooster recruitment tools subsidiary, will lead this 60-minute DE Masterclass Roundtable on Compliance to Recruitment. Drawing on her lengthy experience as a recruiter and later as an OFCCP compliance manager, Candee will draw out a practical discussion of how to get corporate talent acquisition leaders to work together with and support their compliance counterparts.

Mike Bazinet, a Board Member and the Director of Talent Acquisition for Affordable Care, will join the panel to describe how he has worked with his recruiters at several different companies to maximize their contributions to the company’s compliance objectives.

Jonathan Liepe, a long-time Board Member and the Human Resources Supervisor at Colorado Springs Utilities covers both compliance and recruitment tasks. Jonathan will describe how he has managed to blend both the compliance and recruitment functions to both staff the company and keep it compliant.

John C. Fox, Esq. of Fox, Wang & Morgan P.C. joins the panel to describe what exactly TA Members should be documenting and will offer some constructive learning from TA failures he often sees in OFCCP audits and OFCCP failure-to-hire litigation. John created the concept of Disposition Codes as a young lawyer and will describe what documentation corporate compliance personnel and their TA colleagues need to create and maintain to keep their company compliant with non-discrimination laws and keep themselves out of depositions.

During this Masterclass our panelists will share their perspective on the following:
- What role should TA play in the company’s compliance solution?
- If the company is a federal contractor, what should the recruiters know (and why) about the company’s goals in its Affirmative Action Plans and when should they know them?
- Why should they document their selection and rejection decisions?

If you need HRCI or SHRM credits after viewing this recording, please email to request the corresponding Program IDs.


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