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20240215 | DE Masterclass Employment Law Roundtable | Who is an Independent Contractor? 

02-15-2024 03:12 PM

For closed captioning, please view the recording here: If you need HRCI or SHRM credits after viewing this recording, please email to request the corresponding Program IDs.

Candee Chambers, Executive Director of DirectEmployers Association and CEO of its Recruit Rooster subsidiary, will host this 60-minute DirectEmployers Masterclass Roundtable on “Who is an Independent Contractor.” Like Part I of this series Candee hosted in January to discuss the flip side of the coin (“Who is an Employee?”), we expect this Part II discussion to be fast-paced, practical and punctuated with many audience questions.

Dennis Duffy and John Fox will again join Candee for this Part II of their January Roundtable to discuss how to identify who is an Independent Contractor. Both Dennis and John will draw on their many years of experience advising and litigating these issues in the courts.

Also joining Candee for this Part II to tap his special expertise in Independent Contractor analyses will be Jay Wang, a founding partner of Fox, Wang & Morgan P.C. hailing from its northern California offices. Jay will also offer his insights into the new and highly controversial WHD IC Rule and update us on the pending litigation already filed to stop it. Jay will also update the conversation to identify the emerging state laws now increasingly regulating the retention of the services of ICs more heavily and gradually beginning the shift of benefits and protections in their workplaces akin to those “employees” enjoy. Jay will also further the conversation Candee, Dennis, and John began in Part I in January about how to recognize increasingly more common “Joint Employer” situations.

NOTE: Those portions of companies beyond Human Resources and Compliance responsible for the retention of Independent Contractor services should also join this DE Masterclass Roundtable. Whether that responsibility resides in the Procurement Department of your company or in a specialized legal or contracting unit, they are all welcome to this discussion which we expect will draw attendees from many different corporate disciplines.


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